Conservative Talking Points thinks welfare should be a temporary hand up rather than a permanent state of dependency.  Nothing can destroy a man's will faster than making him a dependent of the state.  Liberals, either naively or purposely, end up destroying independence with massive subsistence in turn for power.


Poverty Worse Since Obama

·       It is being projected that by 2013 the U.S. poverty rate will be the highest that it has been in almost 50 years. (Source: Huffington Post - July 2012)

·       In 2012 there are now around 100 million Americans that are considered to be either “poor” or “near poor”. (Source: SHTFplan.com – July 2012)

·       49% of all Americans live in a home where at least one person receives money from the government.  Back in 1983 it was below 30%. (Source: Wall Street Journal – May 2012)

·       The poverty rate for all persons in the US forty years ago in 1969 was 12.1%.  That rate has fluctuated a few percentage points over the past four decades but as of 2008 it is still around 12%, even after we have spent trillions of taxpayer dollars on welfare since 1969.  (Source: US Census - 2009)

·       Of the top 10 American cities with the highest poverty rates 7 of them have NOT had a Republican mayor from 1965 - 2008. (Source: US Census - Jan 2009)


Destruction of the Black Family

·       In 1940 the illegitimacy rate among blacks was about 15%. Today in 2009 the illegitimacy rate hovers around 70%. "It began in the 1960s with the War on Poverty and the harebrained ideas of the welfare state." (Source: Walter Williams, Economist  - Aug 2009)


Welfare Reform

·        After the Republican Congress took Welfare Reform to President Clinton three times until he passed it in 1996, over the next eight years the welfare caseload declined by 60%.  (Source: Brookings - Mar 2006)

·        A year before President Clinton signed Welfare Reform in 1996 he said, "Welfare reform should not punish people because they happen to be poor."  (Source: USA Today - Jan 1995)


Obama Handouts

·        The government's Cash for Clunkers program lasted for one month, used $3B in taxpayer money to help buy over 700,000 cars for people and crippled car dealership cash flows by taking weeks to reimburse them. (Source: CNN - Aug 2009)

·        In August of 2009 the Obama administration saw to it that an extra $200 per child was deposited in welfare recipients' accounts to buy school supplies.  Many abuses of that hand out were reported where people were buying alcohol and cigarettes. (Source: WSYR Syracuse - Aug 2009)


American Poor (Source: Heritage Foundation - Jan 2005)

·        45% of poor households own their own homes.

·        75% of poor households own a car and 30% own more than one car.

·        76% of poor households have air conditioning.

·        78% of poor households have DVR or VCR players and 62% have cable or satellite TV.

·        73% of poor households have microwave ovens.

·        97% of poor households have color television.