United Nations

Conservative Talking Points views the UN as a corrupt conglomerate of America-hating dictators, thugs and communists that consistently lambast our country and vote against our interests. We should evict the UN from their New York headquarters, withdraw our membership and start up a new worldwide council of freedom-based countries.


Corruption Examples

·       Saddam Hussein's government illicitly siphoned $21.3 billion from the UN's Oil for Food program.  Hussein used the funds to purchase weapons, fund terrorists around the world and aid the post-Saddam insurgency in Iraq against US troops. (Source: Congressional Subcommittee on Investigations - Dec 2004)

·       The United Nations is battling about 150 allegations of sexual abuse by U.N. civilian staff and soldiers in the Congo, some of them recorded on videotape. (Source: London Times - Nov 2004)

·       By 2007 UN officials had racked up over $18 million in New York City parking tickets with diplomats from Egypt and Kuwait being the worst violators. (Source: USA Today - Jan 2007)


Anti-American Actions

·        The 2006 UN General Assembly was successfully hijacked and turned into a raucous carnival of anti-Americanism with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez calling President Bush “The Devil” and Cuba's Carlos Lage Davile stating the US is a "worldwide dictatorship".  (Source: The Independent - Sep 2006)

·        Of 187 UN General Assembly members, the voted against U.S. positions by 69% of the time on issues such as terrorism, arms control, human rights and the Middle East during 2002. (Source: WND - Dec 2003)

·       "The U.N. has coddled brutal dictators, anti-Semites, state sponsors of terrorism and nuclear proliferators - while excluding democratic countries from membership and turning a blind eye to humanitarian tragedies and gross violations of human rights around the globe," Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo (Source: WND - Sep 2008)

·       During the UN's 2002 session the 22 members of the League of Arab States voted against U.S. supported positions 83% of the time, the 56 members of the Islamic Conference voted against the US 79% of the time and the 53 members of the African Union voted against US 80% of the time. (Source: WND - Dec 2003)


Anti-Israel Posture

·       6 of the 10 emergency special sessions called by the UN were about Israel defending itself and none were held on the Rwandan genocide, ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia or the two decades of atrocities in Sudan.  (Source: ADL - Sep 2008)

·        The notorious General Assembly Resolution 3379 which declared Zionism "a form of racism and racial discrimination... [and] is a threat to world peace and security."  The goal of this resolution was to deny Israel's political legitimacy by attacking the moral basis for their existence. (Source: ADL - Sep 2008)

·       During the 61st Session of the General Assembly (2006-2007), they passed the 22nd anti-Israel resolution in 2007 and did not spend any time on passing a single resolution on Sudan's genocide in Darfur.  (Source: UN Watch - Jan 2008)


UN's Cost

·       The US and its military has provided the UN assistance that has amounted to at least $11 billion, and perhaps as much as $15 billion from 1993-1998.  (Source: Cato Institute - Apr 1998)

·       The United Nations headquarters in the 1950s 40-story building will be renovated at a cost estimated at $1.9 Billion! (Source: Earth Times - Jul 2009) 

·       The United States pays for 22% of the UN's operating budget. (Source: Heritage Foundation - May 2006)


Abject Failures

·       In 1994 with UN Peace Keepers on the ground in Rwanda the tribal slaughter of over 1,000,000 was well underway.  The UN Canadian LT. General Romeo Dallaire requested to engage the enemy numerous times but was denied by the United Nations. He finally defied their orders but it was too late. (Source: Amnesty International - Dec 2002)

·       As of 2009 the UN Peace Keepers failed yet again with at least 400,000 men, women and children killed and over 2.5 million displaced by the Janjaweed militia in the Darfur genocide.  (Source: Genocide Intervention Network - Jul 2009