Academia Liberalism

Conservative Talking Points views the majority of college professors as the cowardly corruptors waiting to indoctrinate our impressionable teenagers and young adults. These academic elites live in their ivory towers, many under the protection of tenure, preaching their distain of America and our Judeo-Christian values.


Poor Product – Debt Ridden and Unemployable Graduates

·        As of July 2012 the estimates for total outstanding student loan debt: more than $1 trillion in 2011, composed of $864 billion in federal government loans and $150 billion in private student loan debt. (Source: New York Times – July 2012)

·        The average college senior in the U.S. now carries $25,000 in student loan debt at graduation. (Source: NPR – July 2012)

·        About 53% of bachelor's degree-holders under the age of 25 last year were jobless or underemployed, the highest share in at least 11 years. In 2000 the share was at a low of 41%. (Source: Huffington Post – April 2012)


Academics greedier than Capitalists?

·        From 1978 to 2008 the cost of living more than doubled, the cost of healthcare increased by 600%, but the cost of a 4-year private education  skyrocketed by over 900%. (Source: John Uebersax PhD)

·        Liberal academics whine about high CEO compensation packages. How about these top University President’s paychecks in 2009: Nicholas S. Zeppos - Vanderbilt University Chancellor = $2.8Million, Lee C. Bollinger - Columbia University President = $1.7Million, Steadman Upham - University of Tulsa President = $1.6Million.  (Source: Huffington Post – Nov 2010)


Leftist Professors

·        In April of 2011 Ellen Lewis, a professor of Anthropology and Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies at University of Iowa, replied to an email about a blood drive with three short words: “Fu** You Republicans!”. (Source: The Blaze – April 2011)

·        A survey of 1,208 academic social scientists reports that 79.6% said they voted mostly Democratic over the last 10 years, with 9.3% voting Republican. (Source: Current Review)

·        Voter registration of California college professors found that the ratio of registered Democrats to Republicans is 5 to 1. (Source: Current Review)

·        72% of those teaching at American universities and colleges are liberal and 15% are conservative. (Source: Washington Post - 2005)

·        Liberals outnumber conservatives 18-1 at Brown University and at Cornell University liberals outnumber conservatives more than 26 to 1. (Source: Accuracy in Academia)

·        The tenured professor Sami Al-Arian at University of South Florida in 2006 was sentenced to 57 months in prison for basically being the main North America organizer for Palestinian Islamic Jihad. (Source: National Review - Apr 2008)


No Conservatives Allowed!

·        New Jersey governor Chris Christie was loudly booed and heckled at Seton Hall's graduation ceremony. (Source: Huffington Post – May 2011)

·        In Minnesota on April 18, 2005 Ann Coulter gave a speech at the University of St. Thomas and critics immediately labeled the talk hate speech.  A student ran towards Coulter and threw a pie at her. (Source: Fox News 2005)

·        At Columbia University in October of 2006 liberal students knocked over chairs and tables and began attacking Jim Gilchrist, the founder of the Minutemen, while giving a speech about illegal immigration. (Source: The New York Sun)

·        On October 24th 2008 Emory University Chapter of the College Republicans hosted acclaimed author and activist David Horowitz for a lecture on radical Islam.  Before long rude protesters were constantly interrupting him and became so disruptive that the police had to escort Horowitz safely off stage.  (Source:


Academia Quotes

·        "The September 11 terrorist attack on America was no more despicable than the massive acts of terrorism... that the U.S. government has committed during my lifetime." Robert Jensen - University of Texas Professor

·        University of Colorado's Professor Ward Churchill blamed the attacks on U.S. foreign policy and called World Trade Center victims "little Eichmanns" - a reference to Nazi Adolf Eichmann. (Source: LA Times - Jul 2009)