TSA – Unionized Gropers?

Conservative Talking Points sees this poorly trained and ineffective union of federal employees as a shining example of the loss of our freedoms, invasion of our privacy and even physical abuse of the innocent.


Massive List of TSA Abuses

·       "The female TSA officer ran her hand up the inside of my leg to my groin and she did it so hard and so rough she lifted me off my heels," she says. "I think I yelped. I was in pain for about an hour afterwards. It just felt excessive and unnecessary." (Source: WZZM-ABC – Nov 2010)

·       Cancer surviving flight attendant forced to remove her prosthetic breast during pat-down. (Source: WBTV Charlotte – November 2010)

·       A 71-year-old man had his pants pulled down in public by the TSA. (Source: Channel 2 Chicago – June 2008)

·       A father filmed TSA while they tormented his 3yr old child. (Source: FedUpFlyers.org – November 2010)

·       “Under any other circumstance, if a person touched me like that without my permission, it would be considered criminal sexual assault.” - Penny Moroney had her genitals patted by the TSA. (Source: KMOV St. Louis – November 2010)

·       Erin Chase was traveling with her baby boy when she says a pat-down by a TSA screener just went too far. "She sexually assaulted me, she needs to lose her job," (Source: ABC Dayton Ohio – November 2010)

·       Susie Castillo, Miss USA of 2003, said that she felt “violated” by a female TSA agent at a security checkpoint at Dallas airport in Texas. (Source:  Boston.com – April 20011)


While Groping Flyers TSA Miss Weapons and Illegals!

·       Red Team testing found that the TSA: 1) missed 70% or more of weapons, 2) let 17 known terrorists fly past its vaunted behavior detection officers on 24 separate occasions without catching even one, 3) let at least 800 guns and a clearly-labeled five-pound block of C4 onto planes last year. (Source: Baltimore Sun – April 2012)

·       TSA officials at Los Angeles International Airport missed a loaded .38 special handgun inside a checked bag on Sunday. (Source: USA Today – October 2011)

·       Four replica grenades and two replica Claymore mines were discovered in checked baggage at Guam (GUM). (Source: blog.tsa.gov – July 2009)

·       Illegal immigrants still get cleared to take flight lessons because the TSA approves candidates but doesn’t bother checking the central agency’s immigration database when it screens foreign flight-school applicants. (Source: Judicial Watch – November 2010)


Unionized and Expanding Their Power and Control

·       The American Federation of Government Employees (branch of the AFL-CIO) won a close runoff vote to represent about 44,000 employees at the TSA in the largest union election for federal workers in history. (Source: New York Times – June 2011)

·       Houston Metro PD worked with the TSA and said then and for days afterwards there would be random searches of bus and train passengers’ bags. (Source: ABC13 Houston – April 2012)

·       On July 5, 2012, YouTube user 1776umphreys videotaped Transportation Security Administration agents, also known as TSA, setting up a security checkpoint at an Amtrak terminal in Chicago’s Union Station. (Source: Youtube – July 2012)