Talk Radio

Conservative Talking Points sees talk radio as the last great bastion of free speech.  It is dominated by conservatives due to it being based on fact and logic all the while being held immediately accountable by its listeners.  Liberals cannot compete in this arena of ideas and we give them no quarter.


The True Nature and Success of Talk Radio

       Talk Radio took off during the mid-1990s with the wide use of cellular phones enabling drive-timers to call into prime time radio shows.  (Source: Rush Limbaugh)

       Conservative Talk Radio has facts, data and the truth delivered with humor and a positive light on America.  Liberal Talk Radio is sniping, negative and down-right nasty while constantly putting our country down and lambasting our military, morals and history.  (Sources: Numerous)


The Stars and Heroes (CTP's Favorites)

       Rush Limbaugh is the king of Talk Radio by accumulating 20,000,000 listeners nationwide over 20 years across 600 radio stations.

       Sean Hannity has mastered both TV and Talk Radio with his passion and energy, cheerleading true conservative values. 

       Glenn Beck has rocketed from Talk Radio to a top slot in prime time TV with his passionate and bleeding edge commentary.  He predicted the nation's financial collapse a full year before it occurred.

       Laura Ingraham is the feisty, brilliant, and beautiful queen of Talk Radio who fights hard for conservatism.

       The Talk Master, aka. Neil Boortz, is our most popular Libertarian talk-show host who advocates smaller government and true individual liberty. Tough we conservative differ strongly with his views on abortion, his fight for liberty goes a long way.

       Michael Savage can be abrasive at times and his rants can get dicey, but he is usually dead on right. 


Unjustified Blame and Scorn

       Jonathan Klein, president of CNN, has banned some talk radio hosts from his cable news channel.  These include Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved, and others. (Source: National Review - Aug 2009)

       In 1998 First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton in defense of her husband, coined the phrase "Vast right-wing conspiracy" against Talk Radio. (Source: NBC's The Today Show - Jan 1998)

       In so many words, President Clinton partially blamed Talk Radio, led by Rush Limbaugh, for the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing when he said, "that the nation's airwaves are too often used to keep some people as paranoid as possible and the rest of us all torn up and upset with each other. [Such people] spread hate, they leave the impression that, by their very words, that violence is acceptable. . . . It is time we all stood up and spoke against that kind of reckless speech and behavior."  (Source: National Review - 1995)


Talk Ratio Threatened by Localism

       Mark Lloyd, FCC Chief Diversity Officer, wants to force private broadcasting companies to pay licensing fees in an amount equal to 100% of their total operating costs to fund liberal public broadcasting outlets like NPR.  (Source: CNS News - Aug 2009)

       The purpose of implementing localism is a backdoor way to accomplish the same goal of the Fairness Doctrine which is to diminish and silence conservative voices as broadcasters.  (Source: LA Times - Mar 2009)

       Presidential Candidate Barack Obama supported both localism and the idea of relicensing stations every two years, rather than the current span of eight years. (Source: Manhattan Institute for Policy Research - Mar 2009)


Air America - Liberal Talk Radio Failure

        Air America went on the air in March of 2004 with a grand liberal launch campaign backed by nearly every mainstream news media rejoicing in their startup effort.  Their two main jocks, Al Franken and Janeane Garofalo, represented the far fringe left and were both very down on America.  (Sources: Numerous)

        The Attorney General of New York investigated Air America's startup money of $875,000 intended for underprivileged kids at the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club. (Source: NY Sun - Sep 2006)

       In just two years Air America filed for bankruptcy after failing to land both listeners and advertisers.  (Source: Huffington Post - Mar 2006)