Political Correctness

Conservative Talking Points views Political Correctness (PC) as a liberal tool for the censorship of conservatives.   Political correctness is nothing short of militant liberalism.


Great Defining Quotes

       "Political correctness does not legislate tolerance; it only organizes hatred" Jacques Barzun - French Educator

       "I think you have to judge everything based on your personal taste. And if that means being critical, so be it. I hate political correctness. I absolutely loathe it." Simon Cowell - American Idol Judge

       "Transcend political correctness and strive for human righteousness." Anthony D'Angelo, Collegiate Empowerment

       "The notion of political correctness declares certain topics, certain expressions, even certain gestures, off-limits. What began as a crusade for civility has soured into a cause of conflict and even censorship." - President George HW Bush

       "Political correctness is the natural continuum from the party line. What we are seeing once again is a self-appointed group of vigilantes imposing their views on others. It is a heritage of communism, but they don't seem to see this." - Doris Lessing, British Novelist

       "Political Correctness restricts our freedom of speech."- Michael D. Deans, Former Marine


PC Examples

       Newton County School Board instructed their teachers to refer to "Christmas break" as "winter break" because "Christmas break" sounded too Christian.  (Source: WND - Jan 2005)

       The City council of Little Rock, Arkansas voted to change the name of their Christmas parade--to the Politically Correct title "Holiday parade." (Source: Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau - Nov 2004)

       Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania banned the school's bell tower from playing Christmas carols. (Source: Brian.Carnell.com -  Dec 2000)

       In 1998, an Arizona State University drama professor settled a lawsuit (for $395,000) against the school for wrongful termination because he taught the works of dead white males (Shakespeare and Moliere) over the objections of campus feminists. (Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education, chronicle.com)

       Portland, Or., has a law protecting men coming to work dressed in traditionally female clothing.  This is even if they still look like men and drives customers away. (Source: Transgender Law & Policy Institute)

        After four suicidal Islamic terrorists blew themselves up along with killing 52 other and injuring over 700 on London's buses and tube trains in 2005, the BBC called them "misguided criminals".  (Source: BBC - Jul 2005)


PC Consequences

        When the public speaking group Toastmasters became more concerned about political correctness and less focused on the disciplines of public speaking, they became less tolerant of members who were earnest about learning the art of rhetoric.  (Source: Anthony J. D'Angelo - The College Blue Book)

       Both Mother's and Father's Day was banned at Rodeph Sholom Day School in New York so as to not upset homosexuals.  (Source: New York Post - May 2001)

       A public middle school in San Luis Obispo, CA. had their students pretend to be warriors fighting for Islam.  In nearby Oakland, another school encouraged 125 seventh-grade students to dress up in Muslim robes for a three-week course on Islam. (Source: NewsMax - Apr 2002)


PC Definitions

        American Indian = Native American

        Mexican = Hispanic

        Black = African American

        Deaf Person = Hearing Impaired

        Handicapped Person = Physically Impaired

        Pet = Animal Friend

        Oriental = Asian

        Anno Domini (AD) = Common Era (CE) in many schools.

        Prison = House of Corrections

        Illegal Alien = Undocumented Worker

        Terrorist = Insurgent

        War on Terror = Overseas Contingency Operation