For decades now conservatives have verbally battled liberals in the arena of ideas.  They are a lost cause due to their true goals the redistribution of wealth and the elimination of any moral accountability.  It is useless for us to engage the leftists and their ever growing legion of useful idiots.  Instead, use this comprehensive list of talking points in a concise outline format as argument ammunition to save moderates and independents from falling into the liberal abyss.  Sometimes it just takes a couple of well timed and documented facts to convince fence-sitters that the conservative mindset is the time-proven philosophy. 


Be armed with Conservative Talking Points (CTP) as your powerful arsenal if you are forced into a debate with emotional and ill-prepared liberals. This collection of sourced facts, historic data, direct quotes and common sense knowledge is organized in a quick-reference format for easy lookup during a spirited discussion or a heated argument. Since liberals quickly sink to personal attacks or jump to another subject, you can hold their feet to the fire of truth with these Conservative Talking Points to win on any subject they wish to debate you on.


This site has 56 political topics filled with 263 talking points backed by over 1,328 supporting facts, historical events, quotes and figures. This 2012 version reflects the political headlines and subject matter to keep conservatives armed with the data points and factual weaponry to conduct this war on ignorance and liberal idiocy.


This is specifically designed for immediate access to short and concise informational ammo organized under debate topics and subtopics. For example, when these lefties start whining about the rich not paying their fair share, you can immediately access the conservative data points on how the producers are already being soaked to support the non-producers for decades now.


Conservatives must win this political cold war before it descends into a full blown civil war of ideologies, between the makers and the takers.  Time to lock and load - mentally for now.

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