Fundamentals of Conservatives

Conservative Talking Points has compiled this list of tenets that conservatives strongly believe in and support.  The following are some basic common sense ideas, beliefs and concepts that have enabled our American society to flourish for over 236 years.


        Abortion is murder since life begins at conception.

        Affirmative action is reverse-discrimination since all people should be hired for jobs and admitted to schools based on their abilities - period.

        The death penalty is necessary to rid our society of evil and serve as the ultimate deterrent of murdering another human being.

        The economy should be based on a free market system with competitive capitalism free from government intrusion, excessive regulation and for sure forced ownership.

        Education should be a local enterprise with little or no national involvement.  School vouchers need to be provided to all tax paying parents to assure them complete choice in schools for their kids be it public, charter or private.

        Environmental concerns should be addressed in a truly scientific manner and not be abused to fit the manmade global warming hoax which has one single goal of the re-distribution of wealth from America.

        The Second Amendment guarantees the right of the private citizen to bear arms for self-defense and being able to stop a tyrannical government.

       Public/Universal health care has been a failure in the UK and Canada and would destroy our nation's medical system which is the best in the world.

       Legal Immigration needs to be run more effectively by the government and Illegal Immigration should be terminated completely.  This can be done with our military on the border and the cessation of all public entitlements to illegal aliens.

        Religion and religious freedom shall not be interfered with by the government, but symbols of our Christian heritage should not be removed from pubic and governmental areas to appease the ALCU and other non-believers.

        Marriage is between one man and one woman.  Anything else is an abomination.

        The Social Security system is in deep financial trouble and it needs to be revamped to enable a portion of those dollars withheld to be put into an account chosen by the individual, not the government.

        The United Nations is simply a band of anti-American powers that stand in the way of spreading freedom, prosperity and peace.  America should withdraw from the UN, terminate the UN headquarters lease and start up a new coalition of free nations.

        The War on Terror is really the war against Militant Islam which is growing all over the world.  America needs to fight it at home and abroad since it has spread like a cancer for over 1,000 years.

        Long term Welfare is nothing but the new slavery with liberal slave masters. 

       Government needs to be massively cut back, reduced, and tamed.  We are a capitalistic free people that will not tolerate this new socialistic and Marxist trend that will destroy this nation.