Fundamentals of Liberals

Conservative Talking Points views liberals as spoiled children at best and plotters of Marxism at worse.  Most other times they are just clueless, lazy, or immoral which leads them to enable government by the use of force to implement the following:


         Abortion to be/remain unlimited and taxpayer supported

         Acceptance of promiscuity through sex "education"

         Affirmative action enhanced and enforced

        Constitution viewed as a "living Constitution" reinterpreted by liberals rather than its true meaning

         Death Penalty completely abolished

         Disarmament and reduction of our nation's defenses

         Environmentalism pushed down to every level

         Globalism observed and implemented

         Government-controlled public education

         Income redistribution through progressive taxation

         Labor unions expanded

         No limits on obscenity or pornography due to First Amendment rights

         Opposition to basic private property rights

         Political correctness as a national standard

         Prayer outlawed in classrooms, school events and any government gathering

         Re-enforcement of the Fairness Doctrine

         Same-sex marriage fully legalized nationally

         Strict gun control

         Universal Health Care resulting in Government-rationed medical care

         Women in military combat